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Hello Friends! Welcome to a series we run on the blog called: Tea & Cake with Gracie :) My awesome friend and colleague Gracie Howle interviews inspiring artists and posts the interviews (including some free offers not published elsewhere before) here on the blog every 2 months or so. I love to create art and bring amazing artists & people together in my classes, in person and on social media. I want to help bring more exposure to some of the amazing artists out there! Today Gracie’s interviewing Kathy Glynn. Make sure you check out Kathy’s awesome book giveaway and free video tutorial below, Kathy’s giving away a signed copy of her new book ‘Hand Lettering Step by Step: Techniques & Projects to Express Yourself Creatively‘ which is due to be released on 6th February! Tam xoxo

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Happy January Dear Friends! Today I’m interviewing the wonderful Kathy Glynn :) Kathy’s giving away to one lucky reader a signed copy of her new book ‘Hand Lettering Step by Step: Techniques & Projects to Express Yourself Creatively‘ which is due to be released 6th February! Read more and join in below! :) Much love and blessings, Gracie x

1. Welcome Kathy! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Kathy Glynn and I am an artist, calligrapher, author and teacher residing in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I love to explore various mediums and techniques but I am best known for my abstract art in watercolor and acrylics — my art prints are sold online at My calligraphy has been featured on popular wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake and Wedding Sparrow. I teach calligraphy online as part of Ivy Newport’s creative community. I design logos for other creatives and I work with a small number of brides each season to create custom wedding invitation suites.

I recently published my first book, Hand Lettering Step by Step: Techniques and Projects to Express Yourself Creatively (Get Creative 6, February 2018) which covers hand lettering, brush lettering, and pointed pen calligraphy. I love creating lettering that’s expressive. My book contains more than 20 projects including wedding invitations, temporary tattoos, address stamps, metal etching, and a custom family tree. I share my creative musings on social media as Artsy Canvas Girl.

Kathy’s Giveaway!

Kathy’s giving away a signed (in calligraphy, of course!) copy of her new book to one lucky reader: ‘Hand Lettering Step by Step: Techniques & Projects to Express Yourself Creatively‘ which is due to be released 6th February!

Thank you to everyone for joining in the giveaway, we loved reading your lovely comments!



The randomly drawn winner is:
Sandra Kingsley
who said:

Congratulations Sandra! :)

Watch Kathy create a gorgeous Calligraphy Gold Foil Valentine Day Project:

(Click the ‘play button’ to watch this video or click on the review link here: Review Link)
A note from Kathy about her video: ‘The toner is what adheres the gold foil to the paper and the key to the gold-foil project is to use a laser jet printer‘. You can download the GOLD FOIL VALENTINE Layout PDF HERE

Learn more about Kathy in the following interview:

2. Your work is so beautiful Kathy! Can you you talk to us more about why you were drawn to the calligraphy art form and when that began for you?

I have always loved drawing letters in various styles. I remember doing all my homework in the fifth grade in bubble letters and I liked writing letters in different styles. It was a simple way to be creative. In 2013, I came across Molly Suber Thorpe’s book, Modern Calligraphy, and I became obsessed with learning pointed pen calligraphy. As an artist, I fell in love with all the different art mediums that can be used with the metal nib — inks, watercolor, gouache, mica paints and drawing gum just to name a few. I also fell in love with creating different styles of letters and I liked the fact that you can get different results depending upon the type of nib you use. During this time, I had also begun journaling as a daily practice and loved how beautiful the pages looked no matter what I was writing. The process of using a dip pen and ink forces me to slow down and requires me to be present in the moment. I love the sound of the metal nib gently scratching across the paper — it truly is therapeutic.

3. You say: ‘What I love most about modern calligraphy is the idea of using tools from an old art form in a creative and expressive way‘ ..can you talk to us a bit more about that?​

Calligraphy is an old art form but I love that we can use these same tools to create expressive lettering. I am by no means an expert on the history of calligraphy but many of the lettering scripts are very technical. Specific scripts require the use of strict rules and shapes. When creating these scripts, a certain rhythm and regularity to the letters is required down to a “geometrical” order of the lines on the page and each character is created using a precise stroke order. Modern calligraphy lessens the rules and is more about creating your own style.

4. Words are very prominent in your work Kathy, if you had to choose one, what would be your favourite quote?

I have so many favorite quotes so it’ hard to choose just one! If I had to choose one for this time in my life, I would have to say it’s a Rumi quote: “Let the beauty we love be what we do.” This quote resonates so strongly with me right now because this has become my mission in life.

5. What’s on your art table right now?

I love so many different art mediums. This year I am allowing myself to explore different types of art to find what feels like the most authentic expression of myself. I most recently finished a portrait of my daughter in soft pastel. Currently, I am working on a charcoal drawing of my grandson and daughter. I would love to be able to create artwork that captures the tenderness of life.

I’m on a journey to create soul-touching art through self-exploration, expression and creativity.  I believe art nurtures the soul and that we are all blessed with creative gifts.  These creative gifts help us to connect with our most inner self and connects us with one another.

Thank you Kathy for sharing and being here with us! You can find out more about Kathy on her website: or through the links:


Check out Kathy’s new book ‘Hand Lettering Step by Step: Techniques & Projects to Express Yourself Creatively‘ which is due to be released 6th February – Available on Amazon HERE and on Barnes & Noble HERE


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