Ever After 2018 – Blog Hop, Give Away & Introducing the Teacher Team – Yippee!

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Hello magical creative friend!

Abracadabra ziggidy zoo, ala kazam, bippity boppity BOO; iiiiiit’s BLOG HOP & Give Away Tiiiiime! :) Weeeee! :)

Soooo, not long to go until Ever After 2018, my newest collaborative fairy-tale course will go on sale (15th May)! But before it does, we like to basically throw a mahoosive give-away arty blog hop party! :D It involves dancing singing, eating lots of muffins and singing Disney songs together (♫♪ under the sea … under the sea ♫♪ a dream is a wish … your heart makes ♪♫)! ;)

If you’re new to me and the blog, let me tell you a little about Ever After:

Ever After is my newest collaborative course! We ran it for the first time in 2016 and then in 2017 too and it’s been a great success! It is a rather magical course because it has a ‘Fairytale Theme’ AND we focus on style development in depth! I’ve been running art courses for so many years now and really love offering an in depth course where students can focus on developing their own style!! (The question: “how do you develop your own style” is the top nr 1 most frequently asked question in my inbox!). Ever After runs over 4 months, starting July 1st.


If you’re not ready for style development yet then you can just buy the ‘Ever After Fairytale Bundle’ offer on its own (without the style development element) which simply is an awesome mixed media art class with a fairytale theme taught by some of your most favourite artists and fabulous teachers in our beautiful mixed media community! Each teacher has chosen a fairytale and will let their fairytale (or myth/ magical story) inspire their lesson. I’m excited to let you know who will be involved today! We will let the fairy tales inspire our paintings and our story telling. The messages and symbolism of these tales and myths can help us develop our own voice, to be truer to ourselves and creative story telling abilities, I’m so excited to share the beautiful lessons with you! :)

Additionally we’ll look at how we can start telling new and different stories based on the original fairy tales (eg: how about Snow White saves the prince instead?) Or how about Alice on a motorcycle? How about twisting and changing the fairy tales so that your wish comes true? The options are endless and super super fun!! :)

The style development segment is full of information, hints and tips, special assignments, a big juicy workbook, informative videos, demonstrations on how to derive inspiration and then take ideas to develop your style, self discovery (style development is all about getting to know yourself and telling the story of YOU, you know) and so much more. I’m super excited about this course – the students LOVED it! :)

I hope you’ll join this course. It’s suitable for beginners and the more experienced! I’ve been running many courses since late 2008 and have made MANY students happy over the years! :) Read all the love, positive feedback and testimonials on THIS PAGE.

So who will be teaching on Ever After 2018?

An amazing group of artists and teachers! Check ‘m out! ->

+ Visionary Artist and Teacher Flora Bowley, will be contributing to the Style Development Segment only.

I’m very excited about this fabulous group of people who all have varied yet related styles which lend themselves well to the fairy tale themes of the lesson and also the style development segment of the course. :) Are you getting as excited as meeeeee?! :)

Want to read more about these gorgeous artists and see some examples of their beautiful works?

 Read all about them in this document:Teacher Profiles Ever After 2018


Give Away Information!

To celebrate the almost-launch-of-EA2018-going-on-sale we run a super fun blog hop with all the teachers who can each give away 1 space on Ever After 2018! Want to win a space? Follow the blog hop along and make sure to follow the instructions on the teachers’ pages to get entered into the draws.

I’m kicking off the blog hop today with running my own give-away!!

I am giving away

3 spaces on Ever After 2018

To enter the give-away please do the following:

*Be sure to sign up to my newsletter*

* Share this blog post on your Facebook page/ Twitter or Instagram *

* Leave a comment below, letting us know what your favourite fairy tale (or magical story/ myth) is *

I’ll announce the winners on May 11th 2018!

To up your chances to win and to learn more about the amazing EA2018 teaching team, be sure to follow the BLOGALONG:



Date Teacher Blog URL
30th April Tamara Laporte <- you are here
1st May Ady Almanza
2nd May Andrea Gomoll
3rd May Renata Loree
4th May Cristin Stevenson
5th May Danielle Donaldson
6th May Effy Wild
7th May Tiare Smith
8th May Kara Bullock
9th May Katrina Koltes
10th May Lindsay Weirich
11th May Lucy Chen
12th May Marielle Stolp
13th May Micki Wilde
14th May Regina Lord

Thank you

for celebrating with us you guys, I SO SO hope we will see you on Ever After 2018! :)

Registration opens on May 15th, keep an eye out! :D

Make sure to sign up to the newsletter to the Ever After newsletter  below if you want to receive Ever After 2018 Alerts! :)

Join the Ever After Newletter!

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