Artist Spotlight: Carla Sonheim & a Give-Away!

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Hello lovely people! Gracie here from Willowing – hello! :)

I’m super excited and proud to present our Artist Spotlight of the month (it’s a new type of feature we are running on the blog!)

We are featuring the one and only Carla Sonheim with a bit of an interview and she’s also giving away THREE spots on her BRAND NEW Year Long Course: 365 Activate Your Art Brain. How exciting is that!?!

Carla has been a wonderful contributor and teacher on Life Book and Ever After, and we here at Willowing are thrilled to be able to giveaway THREE spots on her FAB new course 365: Activate Your Art Brain (a Video Every Day), which is $198 US Dollar’s worth of awesome online class yumminess! The course started on 1st January 2017 and runs for the year, but you can still join throughout the year.


Here’s what Carla says:

…(it’s a) ‘Choose Your Own Adventure class… you can try to do the prompts daily, you can pick and choose the ones that speak to you, or you can simply work the class on more of a “thinking level” in those times of the year when you get really busy!


Giveaway Winners Announced – yayyy!

 Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments and for joining the giveaway! The Giveaway is now closed and the 3 (randomly drawn) winners are:

1. Violet DavenportSnip20170203_42. Jennifer Johnson RicheySnip20170203_6 copy3. JennieSnip20170203_7

Congratulations guys! :)


Find out more about the lovely Carla Sonheim:

CarlaSonheim_FaceCircle1. Tell us a bit about yourself Carla and what you do.

First and most important, I am a mother of two and grandmother of three! I also love to draw and paint, and for the past six years my husband, Steve, and I have been producing online art classes via “Carla Sonheim Presents.”

In April 2010 I offered my first online class, a pdf worksheet-based class called “The Art of Silliness.” I launched it hoping to get people interested in my book, “Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists,” which came out a few months later.

The online class format was a great fit and so year laterSteve joined in with his video and business expertise and eventually we began adding other artist-teachers, including Diane Culhane, Lynn Whipple, Cat Bennett, Karine Swenson, Fred Lisaius, and Dar Hosta James, with classes in drawing, painting and mixed-media.

Each year I do an intensive year-long art/creativiy class, which keeps me busy! This is my fifth year; the previous four years were “2013: Year of the Giraffe,” “2014: Year of the Fairy Tale,” “2015 “Year of the Spark” (co-taught with Lynn Whipple), and “2016: Y is for Yellow.”

Our 2017 class is our most ambitious yet, and is really a collaboration with my husband and many other artists: “365: Activate Your Art Brain (A Video Every Day).”

We live/work in a studio in downtown Seattle.


CarlaS42. On your site you talk about how your classes take on a ‘serious and silly’ approach to help students move through the nervousness of drawing and creating (LOVE this – it sounds so FUN!!). You say:

…when I began teaching adults…I found that many people felt nervous about drawing… “serious and silly” approach sums up what we do with our online classes…

You’ve even written books with your ‘serious and silly’ theme woven in (The Art of Silliness and 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun). Can you tell us a little about how you make your classes ‘serious and silly’ and maybe give us some examples?

I think I will answer this with a story: My youngest son, Wes, was very precocious when he was young and would get actually get indignant if I tried to read him books that sounded “simple.” For example, he wanted me to read him the REAL Bible or the ACTUAL Grimm’s Fairy Tale (not the children’s book versions).

When he was six I started teaching art in his 1st grade classroom as a volunteer, and by this time Wes had trained me not to “dumb things down” just because he was a kid.

But of course, the assignments needed to be FUN, because keeping 20 kids interested can be hard without the fun-factor!

So I took real drawing exercises — blind contours, contour drawings, observational drawing exercises — and made them as fun as I could. I had the kids bring in toys and stuffed animals to draw, or I had them draw a detail of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel with the paper taped under the desks. I found that the students were far more interested in drawing their own cars than they were a random group of fruit, for example… they were connected to their subjects on a much deeper level, which then produced better drawings!

CarlaS3I started teaching adults a few years later and found out very quickly that there was a lot of pain and shame around drawing… so I tried presenting the material in the same way I had to my group of 1st graders. We drew silly things (like stuffed animals) in a serious way: blind contours, contours, charcoal with shading etc. In addition, we drew serious things in “silly ways: portraits of our neighbors with our non-dominant hands, for example. What we found was that even though the resultant drawings might not be technically perfect, they had much more CHARM because they had been born from a place of fun and silliness rather than from a place of “should,s”

By the end of a 3-hour or 6-hour class, people were surprising themselves with how “good” they actually were at drawing and never knew it! In addition, they embraced the wonkiness of other drawings as “better” than anything they thought they wanted to do in the beginning.

So that is how I try to keep all of my classes, whether it is drawing, watercolor, or mixed-media: we draw serious things in silly ways and silly things in serious ways. We keep it fun for ourselves, which keeps us engaged in the process, which results in a better and more fulfilling experience (and the drawings are better too!).

CarlaS53. Carla I love your cloud experiments! (click here to see Carla’s cloud experiments). Can you tell us a bit about how they came about?

Thank you, Gracie, that is nice of you to say! This series was what came out of me during my 2016 year-long class, “Y is for Yellow.” I had planned to do a series of children’s book” illustrations, but for some reason I kept coming back to the clouds and rain. :D

I had a pretty hard year emotionally for various reasons, and I do live in Seattle, Washington, so I think the clouds and rain were resultant of both of these things! I love that art is always a reflection of our lives, despite our own plans. ;)

They are made with watercolor (scraped down with a credit card), and collaged clouds.


More about 365: Activate Your Art Brain (a Video Every Day):

Carla Sonheim Presents launches “2017: A Year-Long Online Class”.

A video every day to activate your art brain 365 days a year.

Inspiration, Prompts, Techniques, Ideas, Community

Begins January 1, 2017!

Carla Sonheim Presents, a ground breaking Seattle-based online art business is launching their latest year-long class for 2017. Called “365 A Year-Long Class”, the program promises to activate your art brain with a video every day that inspires, prompts, teaches techniques, introduces new ideas and builds an online community for artists of all ages and abilities. Class begins Sunday, January 1, 2017 and the cost is $198.00.

Watch the video here: to see Carla demonstrate techniques that will inspire you and your friends and bring a smile to your face. For only $198.00, class participants receive a video every day explaining that day’s assignment. They also join a private Facebook group where class participants are welcome to post their work. Carla and her team monitor the private Facebook group and provide encouragement, humor and advice.

Led by Carla Sonheim, an artist in her own right, and her talented videographer and business manager husband, Steve, Carla Sonheim Presents offers a variety of online art classes throughout the year. This year-long class is their annual signature event that new and returning students await with great anticipation.

Carla and Steve launched this business in 2011 and have built an adoring and loyal following in the United States and abroad. Their classes offer exceptional videography that enables students to fully understand the technique or approach being taught. Each class includes a private Facebook group to build community, share work and gain encouragement. A sense of humor and joyful approach to making art approachable is a cornerstone of their beliefs.

For more information contact or check out the class here:



636 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Carla Sonheim & a Give-Away!

    1. Hi. Carla, I’m a beginner in mixed media arts however, over the last year and a half spent a ton of money on craft supplies. My creations just seem to look like something I made in kindergarten. I just love to make things, they make me happy. I’m not sure how I’d do in the class, but I’d love to be able to just learn more more more. I like the fact that you’re a recovering perfectionist. I love your books and being “allowed” to make mistakes. Thank you for making the world a better place with your art

  1. Thank you Carla for this wonderful give away! Last November i bought your book “fantasiedieren” and i love it! You made it all so simple…. but i ensure you it isn’t! Although it is a lot of fun! I love to win a spot in your course. Have a wonderful 365 days of joy! Xx esther

  2. Good morning Tamara and Calls!!! LOVE Love love love love love love love love love these classes! And would really like to do this one. Please Pick me! Pick me! :) Pick me PLEASE!!!! ???????????⛵?????????????????????????????????????????☄️☄️☄️????? Love you all!! Happy New Years!

  3. How to make a great impression, eh??!!! :) Gotta love spell check!! Perhaps Carla it’s a “sign”! Lol ;) ;)
    I apologize I’m unfamiliar with your work, but am so excited to discover what the buzz is about! :)
    Thank you again for putting this out there! Cheers! :) Carrie

  4. I was sitting in an office of a child therapist for my son, a few years back… and this small drawing in a frame, on the wall caught my eye. Something in the photo spoke to me, I asked the the therapist if she knew the illustrator- She did not… but through determination, I find her it was Carla. What a great opportunity to take a class…. EVER after lessons are one of my favorite. thank you for hosting.

  5. Hi. I really enjoyed the interview with Carla. I took awesome art journaling from Tam and am seeking to ever enhance my skills. I’d love to be a winner of one of Carla’s spots for her class. So…with sincere anticipation here’s my entry!

  6. I believe in the kind of magic you make in you art. your work makes me believe that something very magical can happen and we can make up a real good magical and fantastic history… as a mom of a very imaginative and artful 5 years old boy, I hope I can get creative with you and live magic moments.

  7. What a generous offer. It would be beyond amaze-balls to win a spot in your year long course!!!! I just recently discovered your work through a friend. Your art makes me smile big!!!!!

  8. I would love to learn how to take the tress out of my art, and have it become fun again! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in the class.

  9. Hello. I would really enjoy…no need to take your class…ever since I have acknowledged that I am an artist I have hit a tremendous road block in my art…I could really use a kick start and would appreciate your considering me for your course..thank you

  10. 365 times I would love to win this course….
    365 days to spend a fun and creative time ….
    365 days of happiness …
    365 times I love this number ….
    365 stories, dreams and memories to come ….
    365 is where the magic begins …

    Thank you so much for the chance to win, Carla!!!!

  11. I’m a big fan of Carla’s work, I would be thrilled to win a place in the class! I’ve put down the paintbrush mostly for the last year because of some personal & health issues but I’m ready to start again.

  12. Carla, I have heard so many great things about your classes through the community and would love the opportunity to participate. Thanks for the chance! ❤

  13. Loved your Lessons in Forever After 2016, got me thinking out of the box, such a wonderful and creative artist you are :-)
    What a wonderful gift for someone to win, sure would love that chance :-) to be able to take a year long course with you.

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed Carla’s lessons in LB in the past… This course would be a good opportunity to help me loosen up in my work. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Hey Carla, it would be really cool to tell my grandchildren that I won your class. I had them take your summer class and they had so much fun. I know I would too. Having your book is good, but having the classes would be fantastic.

  16. OH WOW!! I would love so much to win a place on this year-long course! There’s nothing i love more than an art challenge! Thank you for the opportunity >_<

  17. I just love being in life book so any chance I get to take classes with you all is a bonus! Create is my word this year and I intend to do it a lot!!! Thanks Toni

  18. Oh my goodness!!!! I absolutely love Carla! Her classes are amazing and the whole family always gets involved. My 10 and 12 year olds love to do the lessons as well so it becomes a great family bonding time. Would love to win a spot in the class. Thanks so much for all you do!!!

  19. I wanted to take this class! I just didn’t have the money for it right now so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!! I love Carla! She is such a great teacher and person!!

  20. I need a little inspiration in my life right now and your art looks really inspiring. Love the colors that you use and the innocence of your pictures. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  21. What a fab giveaway. It was great to read the interview and I love the classes I have done with Carla. She helped to get me addicted to gelli printing as well as creating and spotting creatures everywhere (I’m working on some from our summer holiday where I took pictures of rocks, cracks and various seaweeds).

  22. Oh boy this looks like so much fun!! I just love Carla’s crazy art it makes me feel happy, at ease with the day, it’s just super duper cool…. Thanks for this awesome chance to win a spot in your newest class!! Cheers to you Carla.

  23. Thank you for a chance to win a spot on your course, I just popped over to your site and loved the ideas shown (drawing the shadow image of the flowers,…. genius). Xx

  24. Carla thank you for such a gracious gift!!! I’ve taught children from your wonderful book and also paticipated in yours kids art camp! I’ve yet to take a class from you… this would be one of my art bucket lists checked off!! Class with Carla S.✔️Thank you thank you thank you for this opportunity and sharing your gifts with us all!! ??‍?????

  25. I have taken a couple of Carla’s on-line classes, and for me it was love at first sight. I love how Carla inspires me to have fun, be silly and not to take my art so seriously. She taught me that it’s OK to “color outside the lines.” I also love that the videos are short and to the point, yet packed with so much great information! I would love, love, love (do I say “love” too much?) to win her class. And since I just celebrated my birthday, Carla’s class would be the best birthday gift EVER!

  26. I love that you are featuring Carla! I love the way she teaches simple techniques that help you loosen up and have fun exploring and playing! I would love love love to win a spot in her amazing class this year! I was very tempted to sign up for her course but I just couldn’t afford it! Thanks for this chance and for spreading the word about how fabulous she and her artwork is!

  27. I am in such a creative limbo right now, I just can’t connect with my art… I have been a LB student for the past 2 years, but this year was hard to join because of financial problems. This class would be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with my creativity!

  28. Carla, I just love your style. I was first introduced to you in LifeBook 2014 and found your class so inspiring that I bought your book. I then taught my grandsons to start their animals by drawing the eyes or eye first. They laughed and had so much fun. I also enjoyed your take on Jack and the Beanstalk. Thank you for sharing your unique style and art kmowledge with us.

  29. hiya carla i have long been a follower of you and your incredible art. i would be over the moon thrilled to be able to learn from you and take your year long class. thank you so much for the opportunity. <3

  30. Hello Carla, I love the way you teach, your books and your style. Although my style is different I am grateful for learning from you how to ‘let go’ a little bit more. I really need that. And inventing animals is my favourite thing to do! Greetings from rainy Belgium & thanks for being there!

  31. I love Carla’s work! It would be quite awesome to spend the year receiving inspirational videos and learning new techniques. Thanks for giving us a chance to win a spot!

  32. FUN. Fun, fun fun. Messy fingers and splotches of color. Squiggles and doodles and happy accidents. Joy and Zen, growth and soul healing. Satisfaction and pride. And did I mention FUN! This is what it is like when I work with Carla. Good luck to all.

  33. I’d love to win a spot in Carla’s class. Just what I need – Serious and Silly! What a great way to de-stress from my everyday job of teaching a P/1/2 class. I love the funny icons.

  34. I completely love your story and the way you guide people into the knowledge of their own inner artist by helping to take away their fears and learning to have silly fun. It would be such an awesome honor to have the chance to win a spot. Either way win or not thank you for the opportunity and all you do to guide people and share your heart and talent!

  35. Sounds like a wonderful approach. As a grandmother raising her high needs grandchildren alone I am often housebound. This sort of daily interaction would be wonderful. A lit5le playfulness.

  36. What a wonderful opportunity ?
    Thanks so much for the chance to enter.
    As a Mum of 4 homeschooled children art time has become a big part of my day. Art = “happy zen time” for me. It bring me joy and inspires my children too.
    Learning new techniques is a wonderful thing.

  37. Working full time at a hospital and being a mumma to 2 boys under 5 – this course to win would be my own therapy I need for the year ? What beautiful artwork you create x

  38. Hi Carla, thank you for this chance of winning to join your class. I would love ti learn from you as I always try to make my art perfect when what I really want is for it to look like a fun art.

  39. Dear Carla, how wonderful for you to do this giveaway. I would be truly honoured to be a part of this class. I believe this is what my heart needs to sing xxx thank you for the opportunity ❤️

  40. Hello Carla!! Love you and your critters so much!! My fingers and toes are crossed, I would be super ultra mega delighted to win!!! This would just be so much happy fun!!! XOXOX!!!!!!

  41. It would be amazing to be able to win a spot in your class. You are such a joy to watch and learn from, you always make me smile! Thank you for the opportunity!

  42. Creative living is about turning up, everyday, and giving it priority in our busy lives. I would be delighted to join the inspirational Carla, and get my silly on daily!

  43. This is an awesome opportunity. I am newly retired and trying to learn as much as possible and trying to keep my mind active. Sounds like an awesome class. Thanks

  44. I love Carla’s playful, witty, charming approach to art. I follow her blog and my kids have participated in her summer lessons. I was very tempted to sign up for the 365 project but funds would not permit it. Winning a spot, therefore, would be completely awesomely brilliant. Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. I loved Year of the Fairy and all of Carla’s Life Book lessons. Would absolutely love to be able to take 365: Activate Your Art Brain. I could do with some serious activation! Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot.

  46. Hi Carla
    Your style fascinates me and I would absolutey fall over backwards if I were to win a place in this stunning course … I know my art brain could do with being coerced into different ways of seeing and thinking . Love from Australia ??

  47. I remember doing the Sistine Chapel exercise with preschoolers back when I worked as an aide. We had a yearly all day creative art experience with stuff like dipping toy cats in paint and racing them down slides covered in paper to make track mark rainbows, and spraying liquid water colors into coffee filters taped to a fence then make flowers when they dried. It was so much fun.

    Your adult class sound fun as well, thanks so much for the opportunity to win and join.

  48. Hey Carla! I am 65 yrs. old and trying to learn how to draw and paint! I love your tutorials–especially the ones for children. I love ‘trying’ to draw and paint. My daughter-in-law introduced me to art journaling in 2009 and it has been a great help emotionally for me. I would LOVE to sit under your teaching. Thank you for the chance to win a spot in your year long class! Connie

  49. What a great way to start you day, learning new techniques, being inspired, encouraged and all while having fun. This is a wonderful opportunity and I would be thrilled to be chosen :)

  50. Would love love love this! I am trying to get back to my art…my new year plan! I teach art and tend to focus on my plans and my art get pushed to the side. This year…so far.. I have been doing better! Tams LifeBook has been a blessing. I look forward to the lessons and feel I am growing! I would love this class as well! Just positive on the growth!

  51. Carla, what I love about your style is your sense of whimsy and your ability to tickle my inner child at the same time that I am learning some seiously good art techniques. You have a gift! Thank you for sharing it!

  52. Oh Carla, I love learning more about you. Your classes on LB were so approachable and really got me into creating more often. I would be ELATED to win a spot on your 365 course. I have a friend who is enjoying every minute of this class and I’d love to join her. Thank you for the opportunity. XOXOX

  53. I love Carla. I have taken a few classes as well as lifeblood for 4 years. That is my biggest disappointment this year that I can’t take any classes. Bad year in 2016 and no money. I will be back eventually.

  54. What a great opportunity! I’d love to win a spot and have a nudge to create every day
    Plus, Carla’s art is so fun and inventive! Crossing my fingers and toes and wishing on a star!!

  55. Dear Carla ~ i would be thrilled to to be gifted a 365 day creatively juicy experience presented by you and other enthusiastic teachers, mentors, artists and muses! I am craving connections with divinely inspired people ?integrating and gathering collectively to explore what each day can bring ?forward and reveal when being present with the divine of us creative human beings showing up to reflect and express ourselves. Diving into the ♥️ Heart, mind, body, spirit connection is what I desire to bring ? sweet ? color ☀️ light
    and ?? divine back to my life! ? I’ve had to uproot this past year to take a contract job – renting a room as a single woman (I was a single mom a long time too). So your gift would be in alignment for me to reintegrate self. ❤️???? Unpacked my paints last weekend. I’m ready!!

  56. Hi Carla,
    Your class looks wonderful. Thought 365 days might be too much, so it is great to read the comments from your students. Like everyone, I would love to win a spot, but seriously, good luck to all! What an amazing opportunity.
    I’m loving the watercolour clouds! Take care, Kelly

  57. Hello, my name is Emma. I am mum to three kids under three with another one on the way and I’ve just discovered (through finger painting with my toddler!) that not only do I love to create art but I’m not half bad! I’d love to be able to use painting as my “me” time once the kids are asleep. Love and light, Emma

  58. I would love to take this class…thank you for the opportunity. I have Carla’s books, I have taken classes from her and I am always inspired by her artwork. Her classes are fun and make me smile. That is as important as learning new techniques….having a good time and smiling!

  59. Thanks Willowing for this amazing opportunity to enter to win a spot in Carla’s class. I have taken a couple classes from Carla and she is truly inspiring. She and her husband, Steve, are so creative and inspirational!

  60. Love every class I’ve taken with Carla and refer to her her book ‘Drawing Lab for mixed media artists’ over and over again. Winning this class would be icing on the cake! Thank you for the opportunity.

  61. Sometimes life makes it difficult or overwhelming to take on large projects. Small, daily bursts of creativity through daily prompts might be just what is needed to get through challenging times and still be creative. I love Carla’s illustrations, little girls with horses, dogs, animals from cracks and those beautiful clouds and rain. There is joy and light in your art Carla, it makes me smile and feel happy.

  62. Thank you for sharing about Carla and an opportunity to win a spot in her class. I have taken some classes from her and love her work. Every time I feel out of sorts, I pick up her Drawing Lab or Imaginary Animals book. Just flipping through the pages makes my day and of course doing the fun prompts in them. ;)

  63. Hi Carla, I am from Brasil. I book your book to use with my students bur since than I started drawing. It’s been a surprise for me. I would love to take this class.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  64. Oh wow! 2017 is the year I am bringing art back into my life! 2016 was rough but I entered 2017 with rays of sunshine! Time to focus on me! I would love to win a spot! I am ready to get lost in my art! Thank You and congratulations to who ever wins!

  65. Carla, I have had such FUN with your prompts.I have done the first few quite a few times already.I have enough to keep me going for weeks already! I have had a few tough years, so doing this class has been a much needed boost. It’s good to loosen up and be silly. Lucky people who win this giveaway!

  66. I made my very first steps in art with Carla’s online lessons. Then I continued by myself. Still I’d love to return to Carla’s incredible support and inspiration nest. Whether I am lucky with this opportunity or not I am already happy for those who’ll win this 365 day spot!

  67. Carla brought me back to my love of drawing, painting at age 72. She builds confidence, fun and helps us find the creativity we once had but buried. She has encouragement in her heart which she shares with everyone. I would love to attend her video program.
    Mary Ann Rankin
    bedeheart 413@ gmail. com

  68. Dear Carla, I would simply love to win a seat in your 365 ACtivate your Brain Class! I have come to realize that my life has become too much of kids stuff and Household stuff and work stuff and I am hungry for some soul stuff :-) Greetings from Germany!, Claudia

  69. Something fabulous and inspiring to wake up to each day – what a wonderful year! Thank you for the opportunity – with the exchange rate (I am in Australia) some courses are way out of reach….

  70. I would love to win a spot, because I am a fan of playful art and I did challenge myself to art every day. Thank you for the chance to join in! And thank you for the super fun art lessons!

  71. A part of me comes alive every time I see Carla’s art and her techniques. Unfortunately, the business of life pulls me away to other things. But trying some of her techniques I have found more movement in characters/animals which are not as symmetrical and stiff as I generally draw them. I watched on PBS today the Cat in the Hat, admiring Dr. Sues’s drawings, completely in awe that later artists could duplicate his style and put the characters into animation and movement. I loved his foliage, ever so simplified . . . and as I watched Carla’s video and Carla outlined the flowers/plants – I saw it, or so it appeared that Dr. Sues had put shadows of plants/the contour shapes on stems and branches!! How fun. I just learned a different way to see and draw things. Thank you.

  72. Wow! I too have Carla’s book and would really really love doing this course. I can’t afford to do any courses this year but this would be so beneficial to me, especially once my art therapy class finishes in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossedxxxxxxxx

  73. I can’t afford to pay for any courses this years as the USD dollar currency has gone up so much that I will be totally broke if I sign up. Anyway, I do think you are such an inspiration and I love your work. Thank you for this opportunity. YOU ARE AMAZING, YOUR WORK IS AMAZING!

  74. I enjoyed painting your Jack and the beanstalk in Tams recent course. Your work is very unusual and I love it. It is fresh and exciting. It is very generous to give away places on your course and I would so love to take this course. Very best wishes.

  75. Hi Carla, I have 2 of your books and did the Ever After course too. I love your simplicity, the calm and soothing colors. Your techniques are an inspiration to me and to my work at school. I love doing the crack or blob techniques turning it into fun artwork. Would LOOOOOVVVEE to win a spot in your yearly course!

  76. Carla I so enjoyed your class in ever after and would love to learn more and take part in the classroom. My princess and the frog got lots of compliments and it was due to you sharing your talent with us all. xxx

  77. It’s so wonderful to get a chance again to come into the 365 class!!! I took last year the “Yellow class”. Now I see daily the assignment works of the new class. I really miss the excercises and miss to be a part of the wonderful art group. So thanks again to give us all a new chance :)

  78. I absolutely love Carla’s classes. I believe I learned how to “see” like an artist through her classes. She is inspirational, original and passionate and serves the artistic community in a way that I have never encountered before. A whole year of inspiration would be a serious art treat!

  79. This class is absolutely amazing! I know, I’m already in. I’ve been in all the year-long classes and every year Carla amazes us with new takes on old assignments but most of all: fun new things to take away. I’d love to win the class of course – or anyone else to win it – and add one more voice to the community of people wanting to make art along with us. Come join us!

  80. Hi Carla … I just love your work … it’s so inspiring. When I watched your video I realized that this is something I want to do in life … drawing, to be creative, inspiring, helping people … I study psychotherapy and I would like to work also through art in counselling. This is a really great opportunity and I hope to win a spot in this online class … my biggest wish in 2017 :) … Love from Slovenia, Europe & thank U for sharing this gift :)

  81. I have taken two classes with Carla, and have learned so many different techniques. Her philosophy – making it fun works. I sometimes worry too much about perfection. Carla’s lessons have helped me to free up my style, and to create some of my best and most unique work. She encourages taking risks, and this has helped me to grow as an artist.

  82. Carla is a wonderful , soulful teacher….with lots of love & compassion in her heart. I would love to wake up in the morning….being inspired again and again…..& again.

  83. I adore Carla’s free and easy style that allows everyone to know they are creative and an artist! She brings out the child in each of us who loves to explore and just create. I would love to win a spot in her class. I’ve taken a couple minis from her and they were wonderful! Thank you for this opportunity. Be especially blessed, Kathy H

  84. 365 PHEW is my fourth year long Carla class – and I love it! It’s like a year long “Advent calender”, with a sweet, funny video in the morning which really activates the creative brain :-)

  85. I just wanted to say that I joined this class at the very last minute on December 31st. I had never taken one of Carla’s classes and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend my Christmas money on it. I’m so glad I did! My favorite part of the day is drinking coffee and watching my daily video. You can take these videos as far as you want to creatively. Having these daily art videos gives me a different perspective on my day and makes each day happier. That money has been well spent. ?

  86. Time well spent, would be time used to have fun and learn from the best!! Thank you for being a teacher and sharing your joyful art with the world. I would so love to win a spot in this inspiring course. Good luck to all :)

  87. I have loved participating in a bunch of Carla’s own classes and in ones she’s offered by other artists. There haven’t been any disappointments yet. This new 365 day course just seems intimidating–reallly? every day? And that is JUST the reason I would so like to win a spot. I’m betting it would open doors I can’t otherwise imagine.

  88. Hi – I took a class with Lynn Whipple and loved the energy and ideas but also that I could do it and redo it at my own pace. Online classes are great ideas for fitting in a bit of fun to my day. Thanks

  89. I would absolutely be pleased as punch to be lucky enough to win a spot in Carla’s class! I have long been a follower of Carla’s and just adore her style- so light, airy and fun~her pieces always lift my spirits!
    Thank you so much for this chance
    hugs and blessings,Jackie

  90. It was Carla that re-started me on my “art love” journey many years ago! I’ll never forget her encouragement and free feeling creativity. I learned SO much! She even led me to Tam and a year long adventure. You are both part of the new stage of my life and I am grateful for that permission to create! xo

  91. Oh it would be so great to earn a spot in the class! I am such a fan of Carla – her work and her classes are amazing. I love love love her style and her manner… open, so approachable, so non-intimidating!

    I would love to have this daily inspiration! :)

  92. I loved everything Carla said in the interview. And that’s why I have several of her books and have taken several of her artist partner’s classes – to free up my creativity – and they have done just that. I am currently in the 365 day class. It’s fun!

  93. The prompts for 365 look like a lot of fun! I have wanted to take one of Carla’s year-long classes since the Year of the Giraffe. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. Thank you for the generous giveaway– I would love to win a spot!! I love Carla’s books. Her art style makes me smile whenever I crack open one of her books. :-) She’s a great teacher both in books and online. Thank you again for the opportunity.

  95. I adore Carla’s classes and her relaxed method of teaching. I would so love to be able to take part in this class. Thank you for the opportunity to perhaps win a spot!

  96. What a wonderful piece. Carla has brought so many classes that have helped my art and the way i see the world! It is an honor to add her inspiration to my own art and my art career. No one like her!

  97. I’m joining the giveaway! I’d love to work on the lessons with my 7 year old, who tends to believe he’s not good at creating. Given the rights circumstances, he forgets his own judgement and has fun and creates wonderful things.

  98. Carla, I have loved your attitude about art,your smile and enthusiasm keeps me taking more of your classes, you pick such like minded teachers with there bag of tricks, I would so enjoy taking this class. Thanks for giving us this opportunity for more silliness in our lives

  99. I guess you could call me a Carla ‘groupie’. I read all her posts, have done two of her classes, and have two of her books. The opportunity to win 365 days of inspiration is just too good to miss. It’s great to read how she began her journey and I wish her a VERY creative 2017. Good luck all.

  100. Carla, I can’t even begin to tell you the impact your Drawing Lab book has had on me. All of a sudden my imagination is right there on the paper and I am having an amazing time with it! I know you have heard this before but the way you teach is the ultimate freedom for artists who consider themselves perfectionists or any artist who judges their own creativity in any way. The work you do is so important and I’m so glad I found you! I look forward to what you come up with next. :)

  101. pick me! pick me! please pick me… I follow Carla’s classes since – omg – 2010 “art of silliness”. And I love every class Carla did and do. And this time I had to look closely on my money so I really really wish to get the free spot at the class.

  102. I have been following you and would love to be a part of the 365 FUN! Thanks for creating such interesting courses!! I will keep wishing and hoping…..

  103. Dear Carla,
    I love learning and I would love this daily inspiration. It would be a light in a darkroom of survival.

    Have a happy week

  104. En casa estamos haciendo las clases desde el día 1 y nos estamos divirtiendo montones! aprovechando que los chicos están de vacaciones de verano y tenemos tiempo para dibujar, pintar y enchastrar de lo lindo!!! se los recomiendo!

  105. I love Carla’s classes, they are fun, engaging and you learn tons of different techniques. Thank you for providing this great opportunity for all her new and old fans!

  106. WOW! What an opportunity. I love your creativeness, i love your art, i would love the chance to spend a year creating your beautiful pieces of artwork. Good luck to everyone entering, someone is going to be a lucky ducky.

  107. Art has been the one constant throughout my life, however Carla’s courses have the ability to teach not only technique. but to replace the fear with fun and have seen a huge boost in my creative self confidence, sense of mid life self worth and an ability to walk away from perfection and procrastination. Now I would dearly love to be pass on these same creative and life lessons to others and open up the potential for them to find the constant joy art has given me. I am positive this wonderful course would would offer so much stimulation and direction in helping me achieve these goals.

  108. After reading a few of Carla’s newsletters and thinking about finding things in sidewalk cracks, I sit in the restroom at work now and find pictures in the floor tile. i actually took a picture of the tile today so that I can print it out and see what else I can find. I would love a spot in this class. Thanks for the chance to win.

  109. What a delightful interview. Her focus on helping adults to get past all the negative voices (especially the internal ones!) is so great. Thanks for this!

  110. I have never been good at at but I am just learning to trust my gut and go for it fearlessly. Carla,I would cherish your 365 class as a great gift toward growth and fun!

  111. I also have two children and three grandchildren. I think they are the reason why you stay so young at heart. Love your art Carla and a chance to win your amazing class!

  112. Wow! What fun! I know there are a lot of noodles in this pot that would like to be scooped up and I wish you all the best of luck! Me? I’m the silly little curly noodle swirling around in the mix just waiting for my chance.

  113. Carla for me is one of the most inspiring artists. I love her style and her cheerful, supporting way. I have taken some classes with her and would very much love to join Carla’s yearlong class. Thanks for offering this opportunity. Waltraut from Switzerland

  114. I am a longtime fan of your art and style of teaching! I really appreciate the professional filming of the lessons and the huge fun factor. Thank you to you Carla and Steve!

  115. I am a big fan of classes at Carla’s website: her whimsical, joyous, and freeform approach to drawing has helped me loosen up and enjoy the process more…thank you for the chance to win a spot in her latest yearlong class!

  116. I love Carla’s Art, I have Silliness 1,2,3, and 4 and gelli printing class. I love Carla’s relaxed style! It would be Awesome if I won a spot in 365! Good Luck everyone!

  117. Wow! I love the idea of “serious and silly” to help bring down the anxiety around creativity for those of us without “art brain.” I was talking to a fellow librarian about that. Her husband is a musician and is very artistic and she was joking that making things out of popsicle sticks was about her limit, that she didn’t have “art brain.” I told her I was the same way. I love the ideas of helping adults explore creativity and learning to draw without shame. I would love to win a place in the 365 class and break down my mental blocks around creativity.

  118. I am a big fan of your art, it is fun, it makes me smile and is just so cheerful and happy. I would be thrilled when I would get one of the spots in 365 class. It would be my forst class with you and I am sure I will love every second of it. Thank you so much for this wonderful change to win.

  119. I love Carla’s classes and couldn’t make buying this year’s class work, it would be a treat to somehow win it. Carla makes learning art fun, engaging and a challenge. I so look forward to taking more from her in the future!

  120. I love the classes of Carla very much. I did Year of the Spark and Y is for Yellow. It was great, I learnt so much. Now I do 365 pew. it is awesome. I can recommend it to everyone. We have a very supporting face book group. Xxxx

  121. What wonderful way to invigorate one’s creative processes! I love the daily exercises concept as it helps to keep me loose and free with my artwork. Plus, I learn so much about myself when I just “do” art and don’t “think” about it. I would so love to be a participant in this course! Luck be on my side in 2017!

    Robin McKay

  122. Carla: I wondered how your yearly classes could get any better. Having taken several; 365 will be the most ambitious for me. Can’t imagine filling an entire book with art let alone having a prompt every single day. Sounds heavenly.

  123. I love Carla’s whimsy, activate my brain 365, oh how I wish, it might take a high voltage reboot to de-clutter the over exposed inner critic, and the inner child who just likes to collect art supplies hoping she will win someday! Maybe Carla is just what I need?

  124. Yikes … this class sounds wonderful. It’s been awhile since I’ve been wildly, but seriously silly. Last year was a definite challenge so … it’s time. Would love the pleasure of learning about your magic, Carla. I live just north of you … and while there are clouds and lots of grey skies … I have colour in my heart. I agree with the others … thank you for the chance … and if it isn’t me … good luck to those who win these cherished spots in your class.

  125. you never know … even when you are number 323, you have a chance… it would be great !
    I am a fan of carla since i spend lots of time in searching who i really am. Art, in the way carla shows it, is a help in that process.
    thanks for everything!

  126. I’d love to win a spot in the class. I am a past student in Year of Spark and Y is for Yellow. I have taken Lynn Whipples Big Bloom and Words as Art classes. Most recently, I have taken Alison O’Donahue’s Birds on Birds class. These classes have given me more confidence in myself as an artist and I love being in their community. :) Carla rocks!

  127. Hey, I was there for The Art of Silliness! What a great beginning to all of these wonderful years of creativity modeling and encouragement. And the every day format is perfect for new habit development. So fun. Thanks for sharing Carla :)

  128. I would love to win a spot in Carla’s class! I’ve taken several of Carla’s online classes before and am still thinking of signing up for this one. I’ve just been so busy so I haven’t gotten around to it. Carla is a good teacher and is very kind.

  129. Not many guys here, I see :-) Thank you Carla for this wonderful opportunity – would be very happy to receive a place in your course! Keeping my fingers crossed. Many thanks!

  130. Oh wow, this would be a dream! To be able to nurture my creativity that has fallen short for me lately with day to day reality. Carla looks like such a fun teacher. Fingers crossed! Thank you so much!

  131. Such fun! I love these kind of interviews! I could use this to help me find my niche in the artysy world which I just entered a year ago. Thank you for the opportunity!

  132. I have been following Carla’s blog and art for years, and I’m a big fan. It would be so much fun to get to be in her community of creative people and learn from her and others.


  133. Dear Carla,
    Thank you very much for runnning this competition. I would love to win a spot on your classes and enjoy a year of creative fun. Good luck to everyone!

  134. I would be so thrilled to win a spot in Carla’s class! I have such a fear of the blank page/canvas, that sometimes it’s crippling. Carla is so inspiring and fun, this is just what I need :)
    Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

  135. Hello Carla! What a list off fans you have got !! And yes I am adding myself, because I would LOVE to win a spot in your classroom!! Enjoying your book, but loved to try and work along with you. Thanks for the opportunity and Artsy Greetings from the Netherlands! Irma

  136. Ohhhh!!! Can you believe it… I was just having a look at her class yesterday evening and would love to join it. And then today is my birthday, and here I get your email telling me there are 3 free spots???!!! Oh wow, that would be such an awesome birthday present, haha!! Anyway, I LOVE Carla’s work. It is so delicate yet quirky, so fairy tale like, sweet and beautiful! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win a spot on her class! Wishing you a wonderful and sunny day, xx Wen

  137. Hi Carla,
    I would be honored to win a year long class with you! It would be a nice way to be inspired to create more often and help me overcome some very high stresses in my life! The last few months have been challenging for me due to illness and a wayward grandson whom I’ve adopted! I’m feeling much better thankfully and I’m ready to get back into my studio!
    Thank you for your time and consideration! Jan

  138. I find Carla’s approach to art so inspiring. I’ve really enjoyed her books ‘Drawing Lab’ and ‘Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals.’ Her unique perspective and creations have brought joy to my own drawing process. I’ve taken a couple of her classes, and have been thoroughly impressed with her teaching style and the way the classes are put together. I would absolutely LOVE to win a spot in 365 and would be so very grateful to spend the rest of the year learning and being inspired by Carla. Please pick meeeeeeeee! Thanks so much.

  139. Your classes not only inspire people to challenge themselves , open their hearts and minds, discover and play but they bring people together in community. Something we really need right now. I would love to be of part of this community!!!

  140. I just discovered Willowing and Carla…it’s been a hard year and I’d love to be able to create my way out if it. I haven’t been able to spark my creative side in so long! You both are beautiful people, thank you for offering yourselves and your ideas.

  141. I’m feeling a bit crazy to even enter because I do have the feelings you describe of fear and hesitation over drawing and creating. But thank you for te opportunity. The class sounds wonderful!

  142. Everyone needs a little art and creativity in their lives…without it, our souls dont sing and living becomes flat. I could really use a creative adventure to fuel my spark and re-inflate my world.

  143. I just found Carla’s wonderful tutorials and would love to learn more… her help with being more spontaneous, loose and free with my art is just what I need!

  144. Carla! I’m obsessed with clouds and drippy paint! I love the whimsy you inspire and your attitude towards creating is exactly what I strive for in myself!

  145. My art brain is hungry and this looks lusciously perfect. I found a short article on Year of the giraffe a couple years ago that I have kept in my inspiration tickler file. Love the idea of a daily practice, especially during those times in the year when things get wildly out of hand and art goes to the wayside. Thanks for the offer. I hope hope hope I win a space.

  146. Thank you for the chance to win an amazing wonderful art class – everyday!! I Love Carla and totally understand the clouds and rain thing! I grew up in Portland! So with crossed fingers XX, Have a Wonderful fun Year!

  147. I love the idea of silliness! I am one of those people intimidated by drawing, and I am trying to get past that. I would love the opportunity to join your course and have a prompt a day to keep me going :-)

  148. I so happy to win your class Carla! The class looks amazing and would be a great opportunity to learn so much. It would not only be fun but would help push me to use my imagination more and not be so afraid of that piece of white paper.

  149. OH MY…I so love how you “think outside the box” and come up with such unique and creative ways to “do art”, Carla. I would LOVE to win a spot to take this amazing looking journey!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  150. Oh wow Carla…ThAnK YOU for this opportunity! XX to you! This would rock my little world of art work to be able to be a part of your Activate your Art Brain world for 365! Please enter me in the draw :-) Sitting her with fingers crossed <3

  151. Happy Hello Carla:
    My kids and I use your ABC book on PDDays and weekends to get inspired to create our own stories and world. One trip my Daughter and I had a sketchbook in hand and looked for patterns in everything. Believe me our little books were filled by the end of our trip to NYC. ?Love to share the 365 days with my kids. Hugs Anateresa

  152. Oh how lovely to win a spot for such an incredible journey… I sit often staring at my pages, thinking what do I do? where is my inspiration and how do I get it onto the page… Carla your work is so inspiring and I have watched many of your videos and think wow I can do that…
    Thanks for sharing some of your journey.

  153. I love this idea! What a fun way to get me out of my self-imprisoned shell and have fun with art instead of being so self-critical. I want to fly free. Tamara’s classes and website makes me happy and I know the 365 day class will make me happy too. Fun stuff!

  154. Just learned about your class. Your video made my heart sing and my brain whirrrrrrr. Loved seeing your beautiful heart through your smiling eyes.

  155. I im so grateful to Carla! she introduced me to so many techniques.I I was a person who use to thinK that could not draw and now i do not have any more afraid to draw. She opened to me such a wonderfull flow of creativity!! I would be the most lucky person if i win a spot on your course!

  156. I thought I had died and gone to creativity heave, or been trussed up and left beneath a magnolia tree with a magnum of great champagne, or proper substitute–say Montalcino of good date, or Montepulciano red–on a spring day, with some lovely paper and pencils, colored and otherwise, and perhaps my watercolor set, because I was finally able to follow Carla’s magnificent brain on its journey through the world finding wondrous and wonderful things in the otherwise poor over-looked world. Carla’s work and books —the latter I have indulged in, but the former? I could not find it when I needed it (which is probably most of the time, so 365 sounds about right), but Lo and Behold, Tam Goddess of many things brought Carla to me. I have wanted to do these inspired, happy-making drawings for so long. I try to find surprises in drawings “with a purpose or porpoise”, that is, could a creature be hiding in an assignment for a class? I have found a few. In this time when the world needs a lot of attention, and a lot of marching, the beauty is more valuable than ever. it is impossible to let ourselves be bullied by “legitimate” or “illegitimate” forces into evil and blackness. My dog and cats, music and art, and teaching have taken me through some, can one call it exciting?, health events. Never Surrender or “If You are going through hell, keep Going” as the great Winnie would say, or more optimistically, Emily D. might say:”Hope is the thing with feathers.” Carla, you tap into the good things in a time of darkness. To top it off with a chance (a very small, but still beautiful and kindly offered chance) to be invited specially into this class, not just to sign up, but to be asked in—my cup overflows….

  157. You really can’t WIN, if you don’t PLAY….right? One of my 2017 mantras, applies here PERFECTLY!! Thanks for the chance to enter your world and get a bit messy!

  158. Thrilled for the opportunity to win a spot in this class. I discovered Carla on LifeBook 2014 and have followed her online since, purchased one of her books, and love going to my childlike place to create.

  159. Oh Carla, I would just love to add your course to my personal quest to increase the “neuroplasticity” of my brain!

    I’m practising Yoga and mindfulness and your course would keep this mixed up brain facing daily new challenges

    P.S. I have started the book, I’m doing the art but my wobbly old body and mind keep getting in the way.

  160. Grandchildren and myself loved a lesson you taught for Life Book using 3 by 5 cards to draw silly animals.I would love to win a spot in your classroom.

  161. Hi Carla and team, I love your philosophy and think to improve is to try a little bit daily so what a fantastic idea for your course-I would be overwhelmed if I was lucky enough to get a chance to win -thanks for the opportunity, most kind-Chrissie x

  162. I would love to win a place in your class! Every workshop I’ve taken from you has been delightful and inspiring. Thank you for such a generous giveaway.

  163. Art makes me happy and when I am able to learn new techniques from an artist who has a sense of humour….well that is a double bonus! Thank you for this generous opportunity to win a spot in your 365 class! It would be a treasure for me to take part, for sure. Thank you so much! xx

  164. I am so inspired by Carla’s work, I like to overcome my “drawing block” and also like to let go of a lot of seriousness that I see in myself. I love painting and mixed media. I feel the course would also give me inspiration for fostering creativity in my two grandchildren. LOVE TO WIN A PLACE. Thank you!

  165. I am the new girl on the block and thoroughly enjoying this journey. Feeling inspired by all the wonderful creations I see here and I would love to win a place in the 365 class and share the wonderful creativeness together.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  166. Wow, a spot on this would be amazing :) For some reason I always thought my mum (who is a great artist) was the only one in the family who could draw! Not because of anything she said – she encourages me all the time. I have done a little and found I can do things – and noticed that my belief system there was a little limited ;) hee hee. Anyway this looks awesome and you look like fun, thanks for the chance to enter. xx

  167. what a thoughtful idea! I do hope the winners would be willing to share some of their work after the class is completed. Carla seems like an excellent teacher.

  168. Hi Carla………I have been a teacher for 34 years, and will retire next June 2018 after 35 years in the classroom. For the past few years I have been teaching 5th graders and love them so much!!!! I have been an artist since I can remember being little! I often complete art projects with my students because unfortunately our “art teacher” does not even let them paint! Anyway………I would like to be chosen simply because after I retire, I plan to have a wonderful career in art, and I am not sure what it looks like yet, but I want to be ready when that door closes and open the new door up!!!!! If I practice with you, I know I would benefit and maybe find my niche! Thank you for offering such a wonderful gift as this!!!!!

  169. Hi, I’m a 72 year old retired school teacher I’ve been fooling around with my journal the last four years. I definitely used your children’s artwork class and tutorials in my journal Thank you for this opportunity and I would love to have this next year filled with creativity. If I don’t win, I still thank you for your free tutorials. Have a lovely New Year!

  170. Love your energy and adore your style – the idea of this course makes my soul sing and my heart smile – I would love to go on this magical creative journey with you for the year – please take me with you xoxC

  171. I am in it to win it! I am almost done reading BIG MAGIC and I believe that this is the year for BIG MAGIC for my life! SOOOOOO….I am entering and praying that the creative gods rain down abundance, creative and lots of luck so that I can join this class! Muah!

  172. I like your creative, fun way of creating art. 365 days would be wonderful to participate in with something new every day. I’ve just recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and would love an opportunity to win a spot. With something happening every day, they would be very helpful keeping my mind on something other than cancer. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot.

  173. Thank you Tam for featuring Carla. I discovered both of you at about the same time a few years ago. It’s so inspiring to me when two artists whose work I enjoy meet up as friends. I am always surprised by the serendipity of it. But that’s how art is! I Love Carla’s primitive style and Tam’s whimsical style. It’s so great to see you in the same place. Thank you for offering the giveaway, it is a thrill For me to be part of this group.

  174. Going through a nasty divorce he left us with nothing. Would love to take the course and have something to look forward to each day. You truly are a wonderful person for your generosity!

  175. i would be honored to win a spot in your class…. need something to open up my eyes to the art landscape and distract me from all the negative political landscape.

  176. What a great opportunity to win a spot in one of your classes. Thank you for your giving us a chance to practice art, as I’ve made it my word for the year creativeness.

  177. With so many comments here already submitted and probably many more to come, how are the chances of winning? Nevertheless, i would be thrilled to get the chance of participating in what seems to be an outstanding, inspiring and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious challenge. Good luck to me and all the other commenters ;-) <3

  178. Looking for some serendipity in my life, mentioned this to my husband and he asked why do I think I should get to draw everyday. Well that fired me up this morning.

  179. I love Carla’s classes and books. She was one of the first to make me explore my own creativity (CATS! rocks!) and my family has so much fun with the kids art weeks, my husband joined in last time and he didn’t think he had a creative bone in his body! What a wonderful give away, I would love to win a place.

  180. Thanks for your generosity here Carla! It would be a true blessing for me to win a space in this enlightening course! Please put me in the draw :-) XX Thanks <3

  181. Wow, what a fun idea for a class! I find I have trouble getting my art mojo going, and then before I know it too much time has passed without arting. This sounds like just the thing to keep me connected to art every day. I would love a spot in your class!!! Thank you for this opportunity Carla and the Willowing Arts team. :):)

  182. I watched your video and loved the 365 page journal you created! It doesn’t look hard and it should take a few minutes every day. I would love to win a spot in this class. Thanks for the chance!


  183. I am so enjoying the classes you offer Carla. Currently I’m still making painted papers and using them in collages, thanks to Dar! What an excellent teacher. I’d love to win a spot in the 365 class. Tanks for all you do to inspire me. Janine

  184. Wow! What a great opportunity to get daily inspiration, create and share ? Thanks for offering us the chance to win a free spot and be part of such a supportive and enriching group!

  185. It has been a very very bad year health wise and life wise taking this class would certainly uplifting and llfe giving.
    Previous classes I have taken have taught me so much and have had so much fun.

  186. I would live to win one of these spots, I am pretty new to art, just the last couple of years after illness stopped me from working. I get list in art and need to learn


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